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NATIONAL NAPPING DAY – Day After Return of Daylight Saving ... daylight-saving-time/

NATIONAL NAPPING DAY National Napping Day is observed annually the day
following the return of daylight saving time. National Napping Day provides
everyone with the opportunity to have a nap and catch up on the hour of sleep
they lost due to the spring forward time change. Mid-afternoon naps are an
integral part of ...

Napping Day | Days Of The Year

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and
milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a
nap. – Barbara Jordan. You got up early and got a great start to the day, you've
been trucking along being a productive adult, getting your work completed and ...

It's National Napping Day | WTNH Connecticut News

14 hours ago ... National Napping Day is observed each year on the first Monday following the
return of daylight saving time.


Don't be afraid to doze: It's National Napping Day

12 hours ago ... Monday, the first workday after we sprang ahead because of daylight saving time,
is National Napping Day. Advertisement. For many, the idea of taking time in the
middle of the day for a quick doze is always bright, but it's especially needed on a
day when we're trying to get our body clocks back to normal.

National Napping Day 2018: Where to find deals on mattresses ...

10 hours ago ... Mondays are always tough, but this Monday is one of the worst of the year as we
all had to spring forward for daylight saving time over the weekend. Waking up an
hour earlier is never fun, but here's something that may re-energize you as you
go through our day: Monday, March 12th just so happens to ...

Napping Day in 2018/2019 - When, Where, Why, How is Celebrated?

National Napping Day is an unofficial holiday which is celebrated annually the
day right after the return of daylight savings time. The purpose of this holiday is to
give everyone a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest after the clocks
have sprung ahead. In several studies, it has been shown that even a 20 or ...

Feeling tired? Take a nap for National Napping Day | WSB-TV

15 hours ago ... If you still haven't bounced back from this weekend's springing forward, here's
some good news: Monday is National Napping Day. According to Days of the
Year, the unofficial sleeping holiday gives anyone who is still feeling the effects of
losing an hour of sleep Sunday morning the opportunity to get some ...

National Napping Day: Sleep Deprivation Hurts Productivity | Fortune

Mar 13, 2017 ... National Napping Day calls attention to the fact that sleep deprivation hurts
health and productivity.

Feeling tired? Take a nap for National Napping Day TeIjXFTd1PvdaNcNUG8ouN/

17 hours ago ... If there's no spring in your step after Daylight Saving time change, then today's
the day for you.

National Napping Day 2018 Could Help You Adjust to Daylight ...

2 days ago ... Losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time is never fun. But National
Napping Day 2018 could help you get back on track with a quick daytime snooze.