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Malic acid is an organic compound with the molecular formula C4H6O5. It is a
dicarboxylic acid that is made by all living organisms, contributes to the
pleasantly ...

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Malic acid is an organic compound that is naturally found in fruits such as apples.
It is often taken as a supplement, especially for the treatment of...

Malic Acid - Health Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Malic acid is a component of many of the foods that we eat daily. Although it is
found as a naturally occurring organic compound in various fruits, many choose
to ...


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Malic acid, a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables, is commonly
associated with apples. The body produces malic acid when it converts...

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Malic acid is a tart-tasting organic dicarboxylic acid that plays a role in many sour
or tart foods. In its ionised form it is malate, an intermediate of the TCA cycle ... : Hoosier Hill Farm Food Grade Malic acid, 1.5 lb ...

Hoosier Hill Farm Food Grade Malic acid, 1.5 lb Plastic Jar; Malic acid with no
additives. A fruit acid most common in apples. The most common use of malic
acid ...

Malic Acid: Skin Care in a Wine Glass

Jul 19, 2016 ... Malic acid doesn't just make for great wine. It's wonderful for your skin too.
Discover why malic acid is your key to brighter, smoother, hydrated ...

5 Unexpected Benefits Delivered to the Body by Malic Acid

Mar 31, 2015 ... Malic acid - a component of almost all fruits - is commonly used as a food additive
and preservative, but has several potential benefits.

Sec. 184.1069 Malic acid.

(a) Malic acid (C4H6O5, CAS Reg. No. of L-form 97-67-6, CAS Reg. No. of DL-
form 617-48-1) is the common name for 1-hydroxy-1, 2-ethanedicarboxylic acid.

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Malic acid is a alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids are a group of natural
acids found in foods including citric acid (citrus fruits) and apples.